Domenico Carolei

I am a PhD candidate at the School of Law of the University of Aberdeen where I am conducting a research on the concept of accountability of civil society organisations.

My research is sponsored by the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law and the Davidson Bequest Trust.


After training as a criminal lawyer in the south of Italy, I have obtained an LLM in Human Rights and Criminal Justice (University of Aberdeen – January 2015) and I have been admitted to practice as a solicitor (qualification gained at the Court of Appeal of Catanzaro in July 2015). In 2012, I was research intern/visiting student at the Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute – London Metropolitan University.

Academic Publications & Reports:

  • Domenico Carolei, “Human Rights and Transnational Companies: Responsibility without Accountability” in Bocconi Legal Papers, Issue 4 «Law and Business» (December 2014) Egea Editore (Milan) pp. 185-195.
  • Domenico Carolei, “Multiculturalismo e minoranze nell’era della globalizzazione” in «Dike Kai Nomos» Quaderni di Cultura Politico-Giuridica, Anno II n°5 (Ottobre2013/Marzo 2014) Falco Editore (Cosenza) pp. 93-118.
  •  Domenico Carolei, “The Most Persecuted Minority in Europe: An Assessment of Roma Rights In    Europe” (Minorities in Focus 2015) Global Minorities Alliance Glasgow, Number of Pages 18.

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