Marek Szilvasi


Marek Szilvasi holds a BA and MA in Sociology and Philosophy from the Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic, an MA in the European Studies (Europe in the Wider World) from the University of Groningen, Netherlands, and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Aberdeen, UK. His research has been sponsored by the interdisciplinary research Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society, and Rule of Law (CISRUL). Marek’s thesis, focusing on contradictions of international Roma inclusion policy-making, was supervised by Prof Claire Wallace (sociology) and Prof Christopher Brittain (social and political theology).

Research Interests

His primary research interest lies in the areas of sociology of (human) rights, political sociology and philosophy, socio-legal theory, citizenship, social inclusion paradigms, equality, environmental and social justice, criminal justice, inclusive education, all these with a particular focus on the situation of Roma people in European societies.


Marek works as the Head of Research and Human Rights Education of the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), an international human rights and public interest law organization, and teaches at the Department of International Studies at ELTE University in Budapest, Hungary.  Previously, he worked as a Research and Advocacy Officer with the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), and he has also worked with the Secretariats of the Decade of Roma Inclusion and the European Sociological Association (ESA).


Szilvasi, M. Zaharieva, R. (2016) ‘Denied the Right to Water: the Miserable Fate of Roma in France’, in: ERRC blog, available at:

Szilvasi, M (2015) ‘Separate, Unequal, and Hazardous: The Essential Guide to Roma Housing in Slovakia’, In: Romea, 22 January, available at:, (‘Průvodce romským bydlením na  Slovensku: vyloučení, nerovnost a ohrožení’, Czech translation, available at:

Szilvasi, M., O’Reilly, K. et al. (eds.) (2015) Nothing About Us without Us? Roma Participation in Policy Making and Knowledge Production, Roma Rights 2/2015, 7 December 2015, available at

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Szilvasi, M. (2015) ‘Czech Republic should stop gambling with the country’s reputation – the fight for Compensation for forced sterilisation is not over’, in:, article, 4 November 2015, available at: (‘Snad vláda přestane hazardovat s reputací země. Boj za odškodnění za sterilizace nekončí’, Czech translation, available at:

Szilvasi, M. (2015) ‘World Water Day: Let’s Talk about Roma’, in: Romea, article, 22 March 2015, available at: (‘Desítky tisíc Romův Evropě nemají přístup k pitné vodě‘, available at: romu-v-evrope-nemaji-pristup-k-pitne-vode)

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Szilvasi, M. Alekseeva, D. Zalesak, M. et al. (2013) Czech Republic: Country Profile 2011-2012, Budapest: ERRC, available at:

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Szilvasi, M., Cernusakova B. (2012) Five More Years of Injustice: Segregated Education for Roma in the Czech Republic, London/Budapest: Amnesty International/ERRC, available at: (Česká vláda propadá už pátým rokem: školy stále diskriminují Romy, Czech translation, available at:; Čechiko rajariben na kerel lačhi buťi imar pandž berš: o školi diskriminen le romen, Romani translation, available at:

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Szilvasi, M. (2011) ‘Peter Sloterdijk‘s Falls Europa erwacht: Gedanken zum Programm einer Weltmacht am Ende des Zeitalters ihrer politischen Absence’, in: Czech and Slovak Journal of Humanities, 1/2011, pp. 34-37



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