Rose Luminiello


Rose is just finishing the second year of her CISRUL PhD Studentship in the School of Divinity, History and Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen in January, 2015. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Ave Maria University and an MSc in Modern British and Irish History from the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests have been focused primarily on the history of Irish nationalism and the construction of 19th and 20th century Irish national identity. In this area, she has coauthored a chapter with Dr Colin Barr in a collaborative book on Irish Catholicism in the British Empire, and has worked as an editor for a five volume transcription of Cardinal Paul Cullen’s letters, funded by the Irish Manuscripts Commission.

Rose’s PhD dissertation is projected to be an analysis and comparison of the character of Irish and Polish nationalist movements during the early twentieth century, challenging the traditional belief that these movements were inherently Catholic by examining clerical and lay involvement in physical force nationalism. Her thesis will look at how religion, national identity, and independence movements interact with and contradict one another.


Santander Mobility Award, University of Aberdeen – University of Poznań, 2016.

Postgraduate Research Grant, Royal Historical Society, 2016.


Teaching as a Tutor 2016-2017, School of Divinity, History, and Philosophy and Centre of Academic Development, University of Aberdeen

Upcoming Publications

Colin Barr and Rose Luminiello, ‘“The Leader of the Virgin Choirs of Erin”: St. Brigid’s Missionary College, 1883-1914,’ edited by Paul Towned, Timothy McMahon and Michael DeNie, in Ireland’s Imperial Cultures, (Manchester University Press: 2016).

Colin Barr, Daire Keogh, and Anne O’Connor, (eds.), The Letters of Paul Cullen, (Dublin: Irish Manuscripts Commission).


PhD Working Title ‘A Paradise Lost’: Sectarian Violence in Ulster and Poznania, 1890-1921. Supervised by Prof. Robert I. Frost and Prof. Michael Brown.

MSc St. Brigid’s Missionary College and the Effects of Irish Catholic Religious Sisters in the Irish Spiritual Empire and Diasporas, supervised by Enda Delaney.

Bachelor’s Misconceptions of Young Ireland in 1848: The Destruction of the Movement by Paul Cardinal Cullen.


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