Seminar Series and Events 2017/18

This is a DRAFT Schedule for the Seminar Series and Events of the 2017/18 Academic year.  Please check back before start of term.

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are open to everyone – please forward to other contacts and lists. 

Subject to alteration, please check back before the event.



Time Room Format Chair or Speakers Topic

21-22 September

Starts at Noon

 7th Floor, Sir Duncan Rice Library

2-Day Workshop

This event is organized by Dr Beth Lord (Philosophy) and Prof Natasha Mauthner (Management Studies, and funded by CISRUL.

The workshop is titled “New Materialisms and Politics.”  For more information and a full abstract, please visit the event’s webpage.

28 September



Visiting Speaker Raul Acosta (Universität Konstanz)


 18 October TBC TBC Visiting Speaker

 Jeffrey Alexander (Yale University)


20-22 October

Starts at 9am



“Civil Sphere and Radicalization”

Our conference will transform understanding of radical protest, first by cross-fertilizing existing debates through comparing species of radical protest, and second, by explaining radical protest not only in terms of the perceived inadequacy of existing institutional channels for dissent, but also and crucially, drawing on Jeffrey Alexander’s The Civil Sphere.  This conference has been organized by Eve Hayes de Kalaf, and coordinated by Jeffrey Alexander, Farhad Khosrokhavar, and Trevor Stack.

14 November



Presentation and Discussion

Sociology Department Event

The Sociology Department is graciously hosting Dr Trevor Stack’s presentation of his most recent fieldwork completed in the heart of rural Mexico.

28 November



 Reading Based Seminar

 Chaired by Rose Luminiello  What effect has Marxist history had on our perception of class-based politics? Reading to be announced.

7 December


The Bobbin

Informal Social Event

Please join us for informal drinks at The Bobbin on

25 January



Visiting Speaker

Martin Eynard (National University of Córdoba)

“Food, Protest and Collective Action in Córdoba: Eruption, Unrest and Normalization”

15 February



Visiting Speaker

Marisol Sandoval (University of London)


1 March

TBC TBC Reading Based Seminar Chaired by Andrea Teti


22 March

TBC TBC Workshop with Visiting Speakers Raymond Hinnebusch (University of St. Andrew’s) and Adam Hanieh (University of London)


12 April

TBC TBC Visiting Speaker Alejandra Mancilla (University of Oslo)


27 April TBC TBC Reading Based Seminar Chaired by Saerom Han  TBA

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